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Grow your Brand while doing social good!

Run your own user generated content campaigns with compensation going directly to individual user’s student loan debt.
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Track Your Campaigns With Precise Reporting



At College Cash, we understand the importance of tracking your campaign's performance. Our platform provides you with reporting on the engagement of your micro-influencers, allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns and maximize your reach.


With this information, you can create more effective campaigns that resonate with your audience and generate better results.


Why College Cash?

Match Your Campaigns to Your Brand's Style

Get the content and engagement you're looking for!

Create User Generated Content campaigns to reach a wider audience with the added benefit of reducing the student loan debt of the participants.

Get the content and engagement you're looking for and the ability to publicly state you're addressing a major issue that resonates with a majority of your consumers!


"College Cash Quad"

Get your brand in front of thousands of collegiate users through sponsored content
Run promotions, share discounts while promoting financial literacy and student loan debt reduction!

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