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Reducing Student Loan Debt by Using Your Everyday Behavior!

Participate in user-generated content campaigns from your favorite brands to start reducing your student loan debt!

You can also earn Cashback on your everyday purchases and online shopping to help reduce your student loan debt!

Cashback earned by your family and friends will be able to be used to reduce your student loan debt too!

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Coming Soon:
The College Cash  “Cash-Back Rolldown” 

Let your Cash Back and Loyalty Points help reduce the student loan debt for you...
or your children!

Order online
*HS or College Aged Children with a College Cash account
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Leveraging Consumer Behavior and AI to help reduce your debt by providing financial literacy

We then will use our data insights to deliver tailored financial literacy content to College Cash users so they can not only reduce their debt, but learn how to be better "Debt Managers" as well!

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